BC.game – It’s a crypto casino, it doesn’t have a faucet as such, but it has a wheel where you can win different cryptos, up to 1 BTC, mostly you’ll get JB Coins, which is internal casino coin, worth nothing atm, but you can use it for fun play and testing strategies. Also with the wheel you’ll get 80 TRTL coins, which are worth around 2 sats atm, and you can do daily task to get the 0.002 EOS. If you’ll decide to play in this casino, there’s a great lvling system, lvl-s are needed to use some features of the game, like being able to get coins from rain in chat or catching “coco” (casino totem) every 6 hours to get some coins.
What is great about bc.game is that it has best automation possibilities I’ve seen, you can write your own script to play games automatically with specific strategies.
You can save your coins in the casino vault for 5% annual income, which is accumulated daily. Also you can invest into bankroll and get part of the casino income.
Gives: different coins once a day
Minimal Payout : 0.0005 BTC has transaction fee of 0.0006 BTC. lower fees and minimal for other currencies.
Paying: Paying

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